On Black Friday 2015, 1 2 3 Fashion opened in Tucson.

They were a true discount company who brought the best prices, (below wholesale), from the Fashion Alleys of Los Angeles to Arizona.

People of the Old Pueblo who were true bargain hunters found their new favorite store with women’s, children’s, men’s clothes and accessories at 50-90% off.

In May 2016, 1 2 3 Fashion, made the decision to discontinue their Tucson store. Everyone who loved the prices and styles were disheartened. WHY? Not enough business. People just didn’t get the word of; THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN.

As the Landlord took over the business trading rent for inventory, he heard the disappointment of the people. The new employees, Sonya, Eileen and Krystal just wanted to keep working and pleaded to keep the store open. He heard their plea and told them, “If you can sell enough by the New Year, to pay off the debt and buy new inventory, I will give each of you each a percentage of the business.

Eileen said, “If I owned a piece of this business I could send my little girl to college. I never thought I would be able to afford to send her to college.”
Sonya, who has always loved fashion said. “I could afford to buy a house for my family.”

Krystal agreed with both of them.
So here we have four people, these three strong women and the store owner just wanting to support their families in these tough times make their own “Do it yourself BAILOUT.”

Please help us! S O S Save Our Store. Save our Jobs. Help us support our families and we will continue to help you, with the best prices in the latest fashions. Here at 1 2 3 FASHION,
2455 N Campbell, Tucson AZ.
520 325 2938