My Father, Eddie Leon, Much More Than A Ball Player

eddie leon By Edward Alec Leon

Father’s Day is the time of year where we show our appreciation for the men who raised us. They are the men we look up to, the ones we turn to for support, and the men who have paved the path ahead of us. My father is no different and I look up to him as my hero.

Eddie Leon is a Tucson native who has many achievements to his name. He is a local baseball legend playing for Tucson High School and the University of Arizona, where he was an All-American and drafted professionally a whopping three times in the first two rounds. He had a professional career that led him to play for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees, alongside some of the greatest players in the history of baseball. He even has a home run off of Nolan Ryan to his credit. You can find record of his achievements in the University of Arizona and Pima County Sports Hall of Fame.

My father is not only the man who raised me and took care of me, but he is also an inspiration for the man I wish I could be. He is so much more than his baseball career. He is a successful land developer, working on several properties that we all recognize in our town. He is a spokesman for the city of Tucson, always being involved in community projects and activities; essentially a son of Tucson from Barrio Hollywood. He is a leader for his family along with his sister, Margaret. But perhaps most edie leon2importantly, he is a father, with a loving wife who raised three sons and continues to support his family through good times and bad. He is the one we all turn to for guidance and he is always willing to be there for us when we need him. Although when I was younger, we had our differences, I now considered him to be one of my best friends.

This month, theU.S. Open will be played at Chambers Bay in Washington, a course that my father and I once played together years ago. The PGA tournament will conclude June 21st, Father’s Day, where we will be watching the best in the world, including local favorite Jim Furyk, compete on that same coursewe both got to experience together. I look forward to the day when I can actually beat my dad in a game of golf, but until then, I will appreciate all of the moments we share.

Edward Alexander Leon and Eddie Leon
Also this month, the conclusion of the NBA season. The Finals will be a matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Western Conference Champion Warriors include three of the University of Arizona’s own: Andre Iguodola, assistant coach Luke Walton, and first year head coach, Steve Kerr.