Getting to College!

Tia LogoWelcome once again to our monthly demystification of enrolling students into college. For those who are new to this reading, we are covering different responsibilities that parents and students have in order for the student to enroll into college. Today’s issue will cover a lot of materials presented to me from Mr. Richard Montano who is a counselor at Pima Community College.

Pima Community College offers a wide variety of programs that suits students’ needs. They currently work with other universities such as U of A and NAU to assist students with their academic goals. PCC can assist anyone attain their goal on a two or four year plan.

If PCC is the answer for you, you must first take a couple of steps to enroll. By now, you should have explored the courses and credit program PCC has to offer. Plan a meeting with an advisor to assist you with your application, answer questions about financial aid and set up your Pima account. Once you create your account, you need to take the PCC Basic Skills Assessment. This assessment is free of charge and will measure your knowledge in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and English proficiency. Please make sure you have sufficient time to do this test since it usually takes about two to three hours to complete this assessment. This assessment will also guide PCC as to which classes are more suitable for you. The higher you score -the higher classes you are allowed to take. If your score is not that high, you will need to take remedial classes to help you catch up.

Financial aid is another big monster that is required for college payment. If you are planning on attending a college or university for the fall of 2015, financial aid must be completely filled out before April 4th. This application however, could be filed as early as the first of January. Most colleges need to receive the electronic version of your filed financial aid form, so please make sure you enlist all colleges you are planning to attend on it. For more guidelines on financial aid please visit their website at, or wait for next month’s publication in which we will cover this topic further.
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Miguel Montemayor
Tucson International Academy