Immigration Policy Update By Council Member Richard Fimbres, Tucson Ward 5

fIMBRESPresident Barack Obama, through his executive order, has taken a step in the right direction on immigration. I want to express my thanks to President Barack Obama for this act about this nation’s immigration policy.

Every President since Dwight D. Eisenhower, Democratic and Republican, have used the Executive Order on the subject of the nation’s immigration policy. For the record, Obama has issued only 193 executive orders. George W. Bush had issued 291 during his presidency and Bill Clinton issued 364.

President Obama’s action brings those out from the shadows, strengthens families and keeps them together and will help to grow our economy. It is not a substitute for comprehensive immigration reform, but until Congress acts, it is an important step forward.

Tucson was the first city to file a legal challenge to SB 1070, just after signed into law, and taking it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Tucson’s Mayor and Council passed a resolution stating that our City is an Immigrant Welcoming City. Our Mayor at the time, Bob Walkup went to Hermosillo and other cities in Mexico to tell everyone that “Tucson Welcomes You.”

The City of Tucson formed the Tucson Mexico Trade Coalition. Tucson has now formed the Global Economic Development District. The Vamos a Tucson Baseball Fiesta was launched as well to cheering crowds from both sides of the border. The Governors of Sonora and Sinaloa made trips to Tucson to discuss trade and relations.

The City of Tucson welcomes and supports our brothers and sisters 64 miles away across the border and the announcement on November 24, by the Mexican Consulate of their effort to help those out, is another step in this process.