Ways to Sell Your Older Properties without Upgrading Them!

1- Edith V Before RenovationWe regularly receive phone calls and emails from agents and sellers who have properties that are on the market for over 100 days, with no offers insight.

Many of the properties are in desirable locations and have great bones, yet are not selling because of dated interior finishes. Thus, listing prices continue to drop well below the comps but overall seem appropriate because of the interior conditions.
Sellers in this situation don’t usually want to invest anything more into the property and, as you can understand, the agents are frustrated because they can’t seem to attract the right buyers.
Does this sound familiar?
If so, here are three ways to present your tired and dated property with a fresh new look and with NO renovation costs for the seller:
1. Find a trusted designer and contractor to create a design idea that updates the look of a room (kitchen, living room, etc.) so you can show it to potential buyers.
TIP: Make sure you have the potential finishes at the Open House so buyers get a feel for the new updated interior.
2. Have the designer and/or contractor create a realistic budget sheet, with finish and material specifications. Give this to the potential buyers so they can see on paper what it’ll take to create the new look.
HINT: This makes it easier for the buyers to say YES because they’re making an informed decision, instead of guessing the total cost or causing them to run around town for quotes.
3. Next, find a lender that gives buyers the option of financing the design through a conventional loan.
Congratulations, your property now has the “new” home feeling that people want, in the location where people want to buy… HOORAY!
By spending a little bit of time and money – you’ll solve your dated home dilemma and show the right buyers how the property is the diamond in the ruff that they’ve always wanted!
To discover more on how to sell a dated property or to see if your property would benefit from this approach, visit www.homemadenew.com
~Edith Villalobos-Zamora, Interior Designer for Taylor Design Group in Tucson AZ, 520-298-1837 x 101