Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona and Primavera Partner for Tucson Initiative

01azbGoal: to Increase the Financial Literacy of Hispanic Women

“We assume that having money and knowing how to manage money is intuitive, and that is not true,” said Renee Bibby, Primavera Foundation. “It is a technical skill that is acquired through knowledge, seeing positive financial role models and practice. This program teaches moms and daughters the technical skill of managing money.”

The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona in partnership with the Primavera Foundation are encouraging Hispanic girls and women to increase their financial literacy while overcoming and avoiding financial hardship through a program called “Her Family.” Together, Primavera and the Girl Scouts are working to create positive female role models for young women and encourage current Girl Scouts to tap into their business-savvy minds.

Primavera first launched the “Her Family” program in 2010 to educate young mothers about all aspects of financial literacy and independence including but not limited to buying a home, setting up and maintaining a budget, and financial planning for retirement. The initiative blends the expertise of both non-profit organizations, using the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona expertise on reaching girls and women and Primavera on financial independence.

“Her Family” is a three-week long program where Girl Scouts and their moms work separately and then come together for a ceremony at the end of the program. The three sessions teach moms and daughters about money, goal setting and customer service.

“This Primavera program focuses on one of our core values, financial literacy,” said Lesley Rich, Social Justice Manager, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. “We empower girls to be courageous leaders who understand money, goal setting and customer service.”

The Girl Scouts progressively build up to opening and managing a lemonade stand; a hands-on and empowering way for young women to engage with their community while learning about work roles, supply and demand and consumer needs.

“Her Family” works with the mothers, demonstrating how managing money is a vital part of being a good role model for their daughters and to pass along that skill to their girls. “Her Family” helps the moms understand the difference between a want and a need and how to ensure their budgets cover needs first. They help the moms with tips on how to have conversations with their children about money and budgeting so they can better understand their family’s finances.

Over the past three years, “Her Family” has provided 16 mothers the financial education to purchase their first home and another seven are near to buying a place of their own. “Her Family” mothers are often Hispanic, younger than age 40, and earn about 60 percent ($28,088) of the area’s median income ($46,813). “Her Family” graduates commit to a lifestyle of successful money management and financial independence. Through this partnership, the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona and Primavera are striving to instill the confidence and skills needed for women of all ages to become leaders within the Tucson community.