Dear readers By: Victor M. Navarro, M.Ed.


Victor navarro pic - Copy (2)Dear readers, I want to discuss the importance of supporting our varied art and cultural events. Our neighboring state of Sonora, is the host of a major cultural event; the Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival. This event is a ten day cultural festival that celebrates the life of Dr. Alfonzo Ortiz Tirado, world renowned singer, surgeon, philanthropist and humanist. Dr. Ortiz Tirado, an extraordinary tenor, was a native of Alamos. Each year, during the last ten days of January, The city of Alamos, Sonora opens its arms to artists, musicians, dancers and of course, to the visiting guest from all over the world. If you enjoy admiring the creations of national and international artists, you would love to walk around the Art walks and cultural workshops that are offered during this 10 day period. Activities for the families are coordinated by the Instituto Sonorense de Cultura. Preparer to visit Mexico, to find the best of artistic and cultural enrichment in Alamos, Sonora and its art festival!