Mayor’s 2017 Progress Report Summary By Mayor Jonathan Rothschild

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Through the efforts of many people and organizations, we continued to move Tucson forward in 2017.
Tucson remains a community that works together, coming up with evidence-based solutions and putting them into practice. We welcome newcomers, and our diversity gives us more perspectives, more experience to draw upon. It makes this a creative city—a city people feel at home in, wherever they come from.
My thanks to my colleagues on the City Council, city staff, the many people and organizations I personally worked with this past year, and to everyone who helped make Tucson a better place.
Jobs & Economic Development
RAYTHEON – Negotiated an agreement to use some of Raytheon’s city taxes for public infrastructure, job training and other mutually-beneficial uses, in exchange for Raytheon’s investing more than $400 million and creating more than 1,900 jobs over 10 years
CATERPILLAR Approved a Rio Nuevo GPLET Agreement for Caterpillar Tucson Mining Center, a 3-story building with 146,000 square feet of office space, which will create 635 jobs. Construction will create 280 temporary jobs.
SANTÉ OF TUCSON Approved a Primary Jobs Incentive for Santé of Tucson, a rehabilitation facility, which will create 136 jobs. Construction will create 108 temporary jobs.
LA PLACITA Approved a GPLET Agreement to redevelop La Placita Village into market-rate housing with restaurants and underground parking, which will create 50 jobs and double the number of market-rate units downtown. Construction will create 240 temporary jobs.
Downtown Revitalization
CATHEDRAL SQUARE—UNDERWAY broke ground on an 83-unit senior housing development; construction facilitated by Rio Nuevo and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit financing from the Arizona Department of Housing
ONE WEST BROADWAY—COMPLETED 40 market-rate apartments and wellness center HealthOn Broadway built on the site of a former parking lot; construction facilitated by a city incentive (GPLET)
DOWNTOWN MOTOR HOTEL—COMPLETED historic motel renovation into 44 units of affordable housing; construction facilitated by a city incentive (HUD HOME funds)
WESTPOINT APARTMENTS—UNDERWAY broke ground on a 50-unit affordable housing development with on-site support services; construction facilitated by Low-Income Housing Tax Credit financing from the Arizona Department of Housing
AC HOTEL BY MARRIOTT—COMPLETED 136 rooms in a new urban hotel with rooftop pool and underground parking; construction facilitated by a city incentive (HUD 108 loan fund)
BP CITY PARK—UNDERWAY broke ground on a 5-story mixed-use development, with office, restaurant and retail space; construction facilitated by a city incentive (GPLET)
HUB & PLAYGROUND—UNDERWAY remodeling Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery, and Playground Bar and Lounge
GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL—OPENED new location; site selection facilitated by the city

Economic Development
IRVINGTON & I-19 COMMERCIAL CENTER (Ward 1), a 47-lot subdivision on 62.81 acres
SAGUARO TRAILS (Ward 4), a 10-block subdivision on 319 acres
MOUNTAIN VAIL ESTATES (Ward 4), a 55-lot subdivision on 20.58 acres
MOUNTAIN VAIL RESERVE (Ward 4), a 77-lot flexible lot design subdivision on 15.12 acres
ELEMENTARY PLACE (Ward 2), a 57-lot subdivision on 8.99 acres
PARK MODERN (Ward 3), a 54-lot subdivision on 3.42 acres

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