Month of Emotions and Events!

We begin this month full of positive energy, a month where friendship is demonstrated to our friends and special ones, such as: our children, loved ones, parents, and the rest of the family. Giving a smile or a hug costs nothing! Let’s show love, passion, and how much we love them day by day. It is not necessary to say it with an expensive gift, a flower or a card, is more than enough; the detail is what matters! So, I wish you all a beautiful month of Love and Friendship. 

The month of February is characterized by the beginning of a number of events in the city of Tucson, such as the traditional Gem Show. There we can find in most of the hotel zones or large areas, giant tents, where all the products are displayed to the thousands of people from all around the world who come to buy gems, minerals, and fossils, in more than 40 locations in the City of Tucson, AZ. For more information visit www. 

No doubt we cannot forget the great Rodeo, celebrated year after year in the city of Tucson, which turns 92 years this 2017! Starting February 18-26 with one of the largest non-motorized parades in the United States. These are days of excitement, rodeo, jeans, boots, and hats, for more information on tickets and functions call at (520) 741-2233 or So, friends, let’s enjoy this February with these great events in our city! 

The beginning of the year so far, has been loaded with an infinity amount of important news that leave a mark. We know that politics is undergoing an important and controversial changes; that is why we ask the community in general to be informed of all the news and be aware of whether the source is authentic or reliable. You can find a lot of information on social networks, but not everything is proven to be true. We ask you not to share information that you do not know where the source comes from or if it is a medium that has the credentials to share it. Real and actual news are immediately known by everyone because all different medias share it instantly. On the other hand, inquire the official places it comes from whenyou have doubt of the information or news. 

Wishing you a month of Love and Friendship with great affection! Also, want to wish a happy birthday to all of those who have birthdays this month!