Guess who I Am

Dear Arizona Bilingual reader, in the next few paragraphs I will tell you what I do. I hope you find me interesting.

I am not a person, but I have killed millions of people. In United States, I kill more people than all the cancers combined. The American government has spent billions of dollars trying to catch me (2 billion dollars per year to be exact)

I enter the human body and with my silent power I make all your arteries suffer. I love to make your heart work overtime until it fails. I also enjoy playing with your kidneys until they stop working. Of course, one of my favorites is your brain. Yes, I blow up your brain (literally) I make sure you end up in a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again. My best weapon is that you will never feel all the damage I am doing inside of you. Some people call me the silent killer. Yes, I am very nasty, but at the same time I am very easygoing and you can control me rather simply. You can discover my presence with a little machine that you can buy in your local Walmart. If you walk or exercise I lose my power and I may not kill you. If you eat more green vegetables and less tacos de machito I may despair and never bother you. But there is one thing that makes me very afraid; your doctor.

Yes, my name is hypertension and if you don’t control me with the help of a healthy diet and a doctor’s advice. I will give you strokes, heart attacks, renal failures, and heart failures just to mention some. So please do not go see your doctor.

For more information about this devastating disease call

Javier Ríos MD
Tucson Clínica Médica Familiar
(520) 620-1200