Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

In my humble opinion, the United States of America is a great country! For many the American dream, for others maybe not, but for the majority of us who are immigrants and one way or another we have welcomed this country. We have made a life here, we have seen our children being born here, and we have adopted this country as our own; with its laws, its patriotism, and with all that it entails, without losing our roots or traditions from other countries. Without question we have to be grateful to it.

I would like to invite you this coming November 8th to exercise our vote as citizens of this great nation and that we really urge our friends, families, and children of voting age to register and go to the polls. Remember that many of the initiatives, grants and federal programs in this country, are being lost because the community is not voting and especially ours. It is our civic duty as citizens to contribute to the economy, politics, citizenship, values, education, business, and the enhancement of this country. Let’s stop being apathetic and show as Hispanics or Latinos of any race in the world we are grateful to this great country! Remember if you are enrolled in one of the two political parties or if you are independent, it does not matter, VOTE this November 8th and learn more about your candidates, both federal and local. It is very important to know what politicians are doing in our community.

In addition, I invite you to examine the two bills that will be on the ballot in this election: I would like to emphasizes the name of these two bills are propositions 205 and 206. The first proposition is to pass the law for recreational marijuana; which voting YES would lead to our state legalizing marijuana starting this November 8th. That being said, are you aware of the impact it will bring to the development of our children in this society? Please get informed and do not let this law pass, the economic, educational, and social impact and development will be affected if we allow this law to pass. Learn more information at https://noprop205.com/en-espanol/ orhttps://noprop205.com.

The other law that will be on the ballot this November 8th is the proposition 206, which is based on increasing the minimum wage of $ 8.06 to $ 12.00, are you aware of the negative impact this law would bring to small businesses in Arizona? Do not forget to learn more in this month’s edition, we will inform more about these laws that are on the ballot; but also, various local leaders and pros and cons of these laws. For more information, visit the website at http://www.protectazjobs.com.

Nevertheless, we invite you to be part of many outdoor events during the month of October and November. In this month’s edition, you can find all our community events.
Visit our social networks in order to win tickets and learn of more of these day to day events that can be enjoyed with the whole family.

As I have always said, one is never a prophet in his own land but I will ask you this; wouldn’t you like to be part of the transformation and history of this country? Then don’t just sit there! Get out and vote this November 8th and get informed! Hispanics will make a difference in this election, be a part of the change!

Until next time!