Letter from the Editor:

As always, it is a pleasure to greet our very appreciated readers during this beautiful month of May, month of great celebrations. We welcome the heat that characterizes our state of Arizona, which has already began to fill the air, to enjoy it; by taking the necessary precautions! It is crucial that we are careful with the dangers the heat may bring to our families. Remember: Starting around this time of the year, there are many more outdoors activities to enjoy, especially for kids. It is very important that they wear enough sunblock and minimize their exposure to the heat by enjoying these activities early in the morning or in the afternoon after 5. Finally; the same advice is directed to those who work outside and are expose to the sun, such as painters, gardeners, mechanics, and construction workers.

Speaking of the month of May, it is a very special month for many countries around the world, as we celebrate our very dear mothers. In the United States, it is celebrated the second Sunday of the month; this year being on May 8th. In Mexico, and many other countries, it is May 10th the day we choose to celebrate it! All of us are being blessed to have them with us! They gave us the gift of life their support and love along our lives: Our mothers!
To those who don’t have their mothers by their side, we know and understand how difficult it is, as we must never forget that wherever they are, they will always look out for the well-being and happiness of their families. With this, we give our loved mothers our most sincere recognition and congratulations for all they have done, including the sacrifices they make for their children. Congratulations! To all Mothers and Businesswomen in our front cover!
Our celebrations continue. The Arizona Bilingual Newspaper team would like thank all of the media partners, presenters, and sponsors of our 2nd annual Children’s Day Festival for making it possible. Brought to you by Arizona Bilingual, the event had more than 5,000 attendees, admitting families and their kids into the Children’s Museum this past 30th of April. We would like to share the satisfaction and success of the event with all the participants, especially all the children who won our Community Leader Contest. We extend our thanks to the community leaders who took time out of their day to be present and continue to make a difference! Stay tuned for more community events!
We would like to invite you to read our May issue, in which you will find the most recent happenings in the community, as well as concerts information, outdoor events and activities, and general information.

Enjoy life, there is only one!
Alma R. Gallardo