YMCA and TMC partnering to keep kids safe around water

The YMCA of Southern Arizona does more than provide services; we transform lives one story at a time. One of these stories is about a boy named Noah who found comfort, strength and confidence in the YMCA’s All Kids Swim program.

When Noah started in the YMCA’s All Kids Swim program he was scared and insecure. He would watch the other kids swim, but was not yet confident enough to go in the water. Doris, Noah’s grandmother, started to notice a transformation in her grandson as he attended more YMCA swim lessons.

“His transformation from having an afraid look to one of confidence has been unbelievable to witness. All of Noah’s insecurities have vanished with my own. The Y not only helps kids with their accomplishments but also the parents. It takes a team to make the dream work, and the Y makes dreams come true with All Kids Swim,” Doris said.
Everything the Y does is in service of making us, as individuals and as a community, better. Every summer the YMCA of Southern Arizona offers *free swim lessons through their All Kids Swim program. All YMCA swim lessons are designed to help kids, just like Noah, learn to swim and stay safe around water all while building their strength and confidence.

Thanks to TMC for Children, the El Conquistadors, YMCA of the USA, the Connie Hillman Foundation, Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation, the Town of Marana Sahuarita and Flowing Wells School Districts, and KVOA Channel 4, registration for the YMCA’s All Kids Swim registration will begin on April 15. All Kids Swim is a *free drowning prevention program (*Subject to a $10 registration fee). For more information, please visit
Next time you think of the YMCA you will know they’re more than just a gym and swim, they’re a cause!