Arizona Sonora Border Projects for Inclusion

By: CM Steve Kozachik
Ward 6

Also known as ArSoBo, is run through the UA College of Medicine, Global Health Initiatives. The program touches on some key issues on both affordable health care for the needy, plus cross-border relations. We’ll be presenting on what will be compelling to the community forum.

In introduction to the program, ArSoBo is based on a partnership between the UA group working on global health initiatives, that partners in Nogales, Sonora. We’ll have both represented at the forum.

ArSoBo is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to assist in alleviating barriers to health care of all kinds that are faced by people with disabilities. It’s a combination of providing low cost adaptive technology (hearing aids, wheelchairs, prosthetics,) and at the same time offering employment to the disabled to build the aids. ArSoBo trains, employs and distributes – and people pay what they can afford for the adaptive aids they receive.

Prosthetics – train and hire workers who live with prosthetic limbs to fabricate prosthetics for distribution to others in need.
Wheelchairs – individuals who use wheelchairs themselves build durable ‘all-terrain’ chairs for others who have similar needs.
Hearing Aids – train the hearing impaired to perform hearing tests and obtain earmold impressions, ultimately manufacturing custom earmolds for the needy.

The ArSoBo hearing aids use solar rechargers, which means no more spending excess money (pesos) on battery replacements every week.

When I began doing this job back in 2009, one of my hopes was to serve as a bridge between the important work being done on campus, and the wider community. This is just one example of that work, and I appreciate Arizona Bilingual for helping to get the word out about it.

Affordable health care and cross border relations. There’s no reason we can’t expand this program so the disabled in our own community can also benefit from these adaptive technologies in ways they can afford. And there’s no reason we can’t expand the program so the disabled in our own community can’t participate in the fabrication of these much needed medical devices as well.

Please plan on joining us at The Loft Cinema at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 21st for this very timely and important presentation. We hear the politicians argue about health care, and international relations. ArSoBo breaks all of the barriers they can’t seem to get beyond.