Progress Report on my Two-Year Plan

[quote]Jonathan Rothschild
Mayor of Tucson, AZ.[/quote]

I recently released a Progress Report on my Two-Year Plan, highlighting progress we’ve made as a community toward the goals in my plan. It has taken many people working together to achieve any one of these goals. I’m very grateful that Tucson has so many folks pulling in the same direction – to make this the best city it can be. The entire report is online at, but here are some highlights.

On jobs
From January 2014 to November 2015, the Tucson metro area added 19,400 jobs. A number of major employers chose to expand operations in the region, including AFNI, APAC Customer Services, CAID Industries, Cenpatico, Centene Corporation, Comcast Cable, Garmin, GEICO, HomeGoods, Northwest Medical Center, Santé, VXI Global Solutions and Watermark Retirement Communities.
City of Tucson incentives awarded or at various stages of review are helping to spur $347.5 million in private capital investment and create more than 3,400 jobs. Two recent cases of city incentives bringing jobs to Tucson are Comcast (960 jobs) and HomeGoods (810 jobs). City incentives also helped locally-headquartered companies expand, including CAID Industries, Mister Car Wash, Modular Mining Systems and Watermark Retirement Communities.

On Davis-Monthan
Mayor Rothschild met with Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James in Washington, D.C. to express Tucson’s support for Davis-Monthan, the 162nd, our Airmen and military, as well as the importance of Southern Arizona’s military installations to national security and our local economy.
In addition, the city has entered into agreements with the Tucson Airport Authority, Raytheon, and the Department of Defense to enhance the operational capabilities of all three.

On Tucson’s water future
In 2015, the City of Tucson entered into a water agreement with the City of Phoenix to store part of its CAP allotment in Tucson’s wellfield – an arrangement that saves money and increases water security for both cities.

On education
I participated in TUSD’s Steps to Success program, walking and knocking on doors of recent high school dropouts to persuade them to give school another chance. To date, 314 students have re-enrolled and 41 have since graduated.
The Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable, which I co-founded, published two reports: one on the high cost of dropouts and the other on “opportunity youth.”
Working with the Pima Community College Foundation and GEDWorks, and with funding from Wells Fargo, I was very pleased to launch a limited period of free GED testing for Southern Arizona residents. The PCC Foundation and Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona each maintain charitable funds to pay for GED and employment certification testing for low-income applicants.

On housing
From June 2013 through November 2015, we housed 1,444 formerly homeless veterans – just 206 away from reaching our goal of housing 1,650 homeless veterans by the end of 2015. To help with this final push, the mayor held a workshop for landlords and property managers, letting them know how they can help.
Wells Fargo granted the cities of Tucson and South Tucson $4.5 million in $15,000 down payment assistance grants and program support, with the grants going to moderate- and low-income homebuyers. Wells Fargo also gave $50,000 to the Pima Council on Aging to help at-risk seniors remain in their homes as long as possible.
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