Editor’s Message

A Month Full of Emotions, Birthdays and Events

We begin this month full of positive energy, a month where we like to show our friendship to important people and our loved ones. We should always express our affection to our children, the loved one, parents, and the rest of our family. However, it is not necessary to buy an expensive gift; a flower or a card is more than enough to show how much we care; it is the detail that counts! Therefore, I invite you to offer a warm smile, a hug and a piece of advice to your friends, coworkers and colleagues. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

In Tucson, the beginning of February marks the start of multiple events in our wonderful city. The white tents, in over 40 locations around Tucson, are signs of the beginning of the Gem Show. At these tents, products are on display for the thousands of people from different countries who come to buy gems, minerals and fossils. For more information, please visit: www.visittucson.org.

Along with love and gems, February in Tucson is for Rodeo. This year the Tucson Rodeo celebrates its 91st birthday! It begins the weekend of February 25 through the 28, with one of the largest non-motorized parades in the United States. It is a weekend full of emotion, rodeo and cowboys. For more information on schedules and tickets call (520) 741-2233 or visit www.tucsonrodeo.com. Let us celebrate the month of February with all it has to offer!
Remember, health is the greatest treasure we have, take care of yourselves!

Sending out birthday wishes to all those who have birthdays this month and wishing you all a month full of love and friendship!

Alma R. Gallardo
Editor/The Arizona Bilingual Newspaper