[quote]By Vice Mayor Richard Fimbres
Ward 5 Council member[/quote]

Dear Friends:

As this year concludes, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to serve as your Councilmember for Tucson’s Ward 5. This year, I had the privilege of serving as your Vice Mayor. I was selected by my colleagues to serve in this post, and I had a wonderful time, helping the Mayor, when necessary, to represent our great City.

The work continues to bring Tucson through the dark economic tunnel that we’ve been in. This had been the worst economic time our community has faced since the Great Depression.

When I was sworn into office in 2009, I got the message voters sent in terms of what was needed, reforming city government, economic development and creating jobs.

Over the past six years we have accomplished much of this, drawing new businesses to Ward 5, helping other businesses expand their operations, annexing property and fighting to ensure that barriers to economic development are addressed, averted and that doors for new businesses are open. The result, more than 3,000 jobs have been created in Ward 5 alone.
This past year, Ward 5 has seen a tremendous amount of investment from business. The Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce had praised my efforts to make Tucson more business friendly.

I’ve worked hard to bring changes to the process to set up shop and to be able to operate in our city, including the Certificate of Occupancy, streamlining of the development process, approving the biggest commercial annexations of land in 15 years and the most area for our city and adopted a proactive approach from my office in assisting businesses to open up or move into Ward 5.

Over this past year, some of the things, we’ve seen (to name a few):
The construction of the HomeGoods Distribution Center (900 jobs)
Construction of the new Fed-Ex Ground Hub (160 jobs)
Construction of the new 14 screen, Cinemark Theater at the Bridges
Expansion of businesses at VXI Tucson (150 jobs)
Costco (50 jobs)
CAID industries (30 jobs)
Annexations of land in and around Tucson Airport
The four year fight to keep our Cherrybell Post Office and Processing Center open and operating and the Charter Review Committee.

That I brought forward, put two measures (Mayoral parity and ending civil services protections for department directors) on the ballot that were approved by the voters.
Again I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may it be a better year for us all.