The importance of Voting in November 3rd.

Ramon ValadezBy Ramon Valadez
Pima County Supervisor District 2

This November’s Pima County Bond Election is about our vision for ourselves. Simply put, we are all – together – deciding the future for our region, cities and towns, tribal nations, neighborhoods, seniors and families and our economy. I propose a positive, optimistic vision, which will inspire promise and hope. We are an exceptional county that values all members of our community. We understand the importance of preserving our heritage while looking forward and making the tough decisions to become even better.
This November 3rd, we will vote to decide whether to repair many of our roads or watch them continue to fall apart. We can vote to grow our economy taking advantage of our proximity to our neighbors and trade partners in Mexico, leveraging the University of Arizona and creating new economic opportunities which will make it possible for our current and future generations to get an education, get a good job, here locally, and stay in Pima County raising their families here or we can watch our families and young people leave for greener pastures. We can make new and expanded libraries, better parks and safer neighborhoods possible or we can refuse to accept responsibility for our own communities.
Having a vision is important but our democracy demands eternal vigilance on the part of each and every one of us. Therefore, there are questions for which we must know the answers.

Can you trust Pima County to deliver on the bond? azb31

According to the independent audit report released on January 2013 by the Auditor General of Arizona, who works for a GOP led Arizona State Legislature, the answer is YES!

What kind of impact can the bond have on your property taxes?
On September 15th, the Board of Supervisors adopted the bond ordinance which is required by law and states clearly how the bond program will work, schedule and costs. The ordinance sets a rate cap of $0.815 cents per $100 of net assessed value. That means that if all seven propositions pass, a house assessed at $50,000 would see an increase of about $5.75, $120,000 would see a $13.88 increase and $152,000 is likely to see a $17.54 increase per year.

Will we see jobs directly created by the passage of the Pima County Bonds?
YES! If all seven propositions pass, it is estimated that that will create 6,780 construction jobs through the life of the bond program.
I encourage all of you to vote in the November 3rd election and I strongly urge you to vote YES on all 7 bond questions.