Le Rendez-Vous Transformed

Used with permission from a recent Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, re-print impart. DSC_5602
Photos supplied by Le Rendez-Vous Restaurant

There’s been a little bit of France in the heart of Tucson for more than 30 years: Le Rendez-Vous. A fine dining establishment that specializes in the sort of classical cuisine made famous by Georges Auguste Escoffier, a chef and culinary author who reigned from the late 1800s into the 1930s.
What Escoffier is perhaps best known for, however, are the changes he made to French cuisine. Taking a page from his journal, Le Rendez-Vous has re-envisioned itself, undergoing a dramatic make-over.
The front room has been transformed into a bistro, while the back room has been retained as a more formal dining space. Looking for a friendly place to hang out with friends, have a few drinks and share some plates? The front is your room. If you want a nice, quiet business dinner, or a romantic evening with your significant other, the back space has your name on it.
One of the primary motivations for the new take on a traditional concept is the new owner: Gordon Berger, son of original owner Jean Claude Berger. Gordon stepped into his duties last March when his dad decided to focus on running a bed and breakfast business, and the younger Berger refreshed the place based on his experiences cooking in Europe.

Located at 3844 E. Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, Arizona 85716 (520) 323-7373