AZ Legal Choice LLC: Committed to Business Ethics in Arizona

SoteloAs AZ Legal Choice establishes business objectives and priorities within our community, we recognize the importance of conducting ourselves in an ethical and lawful manner. It is our policy to manage all business matters within an ethical norm, and to maintain high standards of integrity.

AZ Legal Choice is a fast-growing entity in Southern Arizona. The success of our business can be greatly attributed to our founder’s vision to provide services to meet the growing demand within our community.

Armando Sotelo-Ruiz, and our team at AZ Legal Choice conduct this business in a professional manner, at reasonable costs and within expected timeframes. We pride ourselves in offering personalized attention and assistance in both English and Spanish to many of our already satisfied customers.

Further conforming to our ethical standards, and as you may recall from previous articles, our company is certified and licensed by the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona to provide legal document preparation assistance and services to individuals and entities not represented by an attorney.  As part of this commitment, and in order to better serve our clients, we attend seminars throughout the year.

As an Arizona Certified Business, AZ Legal Choice can help you fill out, under your instruction, immigration and business forms, from one-page applications to more complex legal forms. AZ Legal Choice helps you identify the licenses and permits required to open your business.
Please call us at 520-360-2983, or contact us via email at to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist in the preparation of your legal forms and/or in the start-up and operation of your business in the State of Arizona.

Armando Sotelo-Ruiz, Mexican-American Citizen, President and CEO of AZ Legal Choice, LLC. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in the United States and holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Armando Sotelo-Ruiz represents top Arizonan businesses in Mexico and U.S.